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Parcells press conference 9/8/06

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No roster moves, short practice today, try to get them off the field and rested.

Flo is probably good to go, he's improved all week.

No decision on free safety. I'm considering whther I have enough guts to start a rookie.

Suisham will probably be the kicker, not 100% sure. Not sure about Vandy physically. He kicked pretty good today, but I think it will be Suisham. Won't take both. We can't afford to go short on defense on this game. Combination of the weather and I need all my core special teams guys.

Hoyte has done a good job on special teams, it was a big surprise. You put him out there and he just make tackles. We'll see what happens, he might get stage fright. Good chance he'll play.

Jerry Jones has been the same since I've been here. He's been supportive, he's learned what I think philosophically. I've learned some things from him. It's been a good exchange.

Parcells went into a long speech about why he's still coaching. Encapsulated by a quote to him from reporter Mike Wallace: "I want to die on assignment".

Flozell has only played 25 plays in preseason so I am concerned about stamina. I've asked him all week about how he feels and he gives me a one word answer, "Fabulous".

Only taking one backup tackle to the game. Not telling you who.

Gurode finished up pretty strong this week. I'm going to start him, but Al Johnson will also play. Keep your eyes out for him on Sunday, I'm giving you a pretty good clue.

Anybody want to guess what this special plan for Johnson is? Maybe he's going to be a short yardage FB or something?