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Nick Eatman absolutely rules

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I was going to do a standard roundup of Cowboys' articles, you know, just a quick listing of things people are saying, or predictions from different sources. But then I read Nick Eatman's column, and I realized the rest of the stuff out there wasn't worthy. I've been on the media vs. Terrell Owens kick, and I've done my share of dissecting certain writers for the nonsense they spew on a continual basis. But I read Eatman's article and realized I'd been outclassed. Nick encapsulates perfectly the futility of what's been going on in the offseason in a way I was unable to reach, and he doesn't even lob any hand grenades over the wall or take specific writers to task. Instead, he let's pure logic and common sense rule the day.

Kudos to Nick Eatman for producing this fine piece of work.

Friday was a landmark day out here at Valley Ranch. A very odd thing occurred during Bill Parcells' daily news conference.

Probably hasn't happened once since the spring.

But an entire question-and-answer session with the head coach was conducted with a single mentioning of Terrell Owens.

Yes, that was a welcome relief, today. And Parcells even slipped in a reference to Terrell - by name - and no one batted and eye. Maybe it's the fact that the regular season is just around the corner, and most people - save Randy Galloway - realize that the silliness of the offseason is over. More Eatman:
And while I hate to admit it, though it's absolutely true, there are too many members of the media just waiting for the Owens blowup, desperately trying to dig and claw to find something, anything, to say "I-told-you-this-thing-wouldn't-work."

The fact is, no one is right so far.

Owens hasn't been a distraction. He's distracted the team from what? They're 0-0. Nothing that has occurred really counts.

Thank you Nick, thank you for someone in the Dallas press finally admitting that the whole thing over this summer was a mass case of hysteria.

By the way, the rest of the article is good stuff, especially the latter part when Eatman discusses how Owens on the field is going to help the whole team. Everybody's entitled to their opinion of Owens, love `em, hate `em, or something in between, but on the football field he is going to be a major weapon. And just so I won't be accused of being a Pollyanna, I fully realize that the weapon could backfire and explode in our face. I just choose to wait for it to actually happen, before I lose my mind over it.