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Suisham likely to kick against Jags

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Todd Archer of DMN is reporting that Shaun Suisham will probably be kicking against Jacksonville instead of Mike Vanderjagt. It turns out that Vanderjagt's groin is still bothering him and Suisham has been kicking with the first team all week.

"I have been kicking with the first team all week, and I'm expecting to start," Suisham said. "Now, they're [the coaches] pretty tight-lipped about things and haven't told me that, but I'm preparing as if I'm going to."

After seeing Vanderjagt miss two chip shots last Thursday, I actually feel more confident about Suisham right now. The kid hasn't looked bad in the preseason on the few kicks he attempted and obviously his kickoffs are far better than Vandy's. The bad part is that once Vanderjagt gets healthy, Suisham will probably get cut considering that Parcells has stated he's not taking two kickers to the game. I guess Parcells kept Suisham on 53 man roster for insurance purposes instead of a being a kickoff specialist. Old Parcells, you can never figure that guy out.