How A Marty Schottenheimer Firing Could Affect Dallas

Have any of you noticed that the best coordinators don't always do well as head coaches in the NFL?

For starters, Norv Turner comes to mind.  Great OC for us, bad head coach for Skins. Great OC for San Diego, Miami, and now San Francisco, bad head coach for Oakland.

Next, how about Dave Wannstadt?  Great DC for us, bad head coach for Bears.  Great DC for Miami, bad head coach for Miami.

And how about Wade Phillips?  Great DC for Broncos (under Dan Reeves), bad head coach for said Broncos.  Great DC for Bills, decent -- though not great -- head coach for Buffalo.  But right now, Phillips, as the current San Diego Chargers DC has -- or I guess I should say "had" -- one of the best young defenses in the NFL.

With Marty Schottenheimer's annual choke job taking place yesterday, word has it he may get canned -- which I think would be stupid (yeah, he's 5-13 in the playoffs... but he gets his teams there doesn't he?) -- word has it that OC Cam Cameron could be promoted to head coach.

If Bill Parcells returns to Dallas for one more season... and somehow Wade Phillips was available, could the Big Tuna decide to do something different and hire the current Chargers' DC to replace Mike Zimmer? To quote Deke, "I can dream can't I?" Realistically, I don't think it would happen, but you just never know.

Remember, the Bolts also run a 3-4 and their scheme is much more effective than ours.

All of Phillips' defenses usually provide constant pressure, and that's what we're missing right now.

Granted, King Jerry should still go after some big-time pass rushers and add them to the roster for 2007... but I wouldn't mind having the "Son of Bum" as defensive coordinator.

Heck, it'd be fitting for Phillips since he is a native of Orange, Texas.

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