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Henry and Parcells, what does it all mean?

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Anthony Henry's agent says he'll move to safety if asked.

The agent for Cowboys cornerback Anthony Henry said he believes his client still has several good seasons left at the position, but would not object to a potential move to free safety.

"We do believe Anthony has several years left as one of the league's best cornerbacks," said Henry's agent, Jerrold Colton. "But if the Cowboys feel it would be best to move Anthony to safety, he would do it."

Who asked Henry's agent about moving him to safety? Was he just responding to what Jerry Jones said in the press? Or did Jerry Jones talk to them about a move? If he did, is Jerry now making on the field personnel decisions? Or was he just musing about moving Henry off the top of his head? Or had he and Bill already discussed that, and if they have, does that mean Bill is coming back?

OK, I'm officially losing it. Somebody needs to give me something to write about besides pondering the possible scenarios around the impending decision from Bill Parcells. I knew I hated the offseason for some reason.

Oh yeah, Adam Schefter is reporting some of the Cowboys assistants, after their exit interviews with Parcells this week, expressed the opinion that he might not be coming back after all. Yes, that maybe true, but what I really want to know is - who asked Henry's agent about moving to safety?!

Just make a decision already, Bill.

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