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David Lee leaves Cowboys

Update [2007-1-17 16:25:42 by Grizz]: The DFW S-T has another article on Lee's departure. It has some interesting comments from Lee about Parcells.

"This thing has lingered on about the past five days, and (Cowboys) coach Bill Parcells was telling me to hang on. I was honoring his request and I respect what he says," Lee said. "I just think coach is struggling with what to do. That’s the truth. "(Wednesday) morning he said, ‘I don’t know.’ I said, ‘Coach, I need to go.’"
Interesting, is the Tuna still this torn by the decision?


He said, ‘I want you to be here if I’m going to be here,’" Lee said. "He couldn’t guarantee anything past this (year). I couldn’t pass on this." There is speculation at Valley Ranch that if Parcells returns, an announcement will come before the end of the weekend. And that if he does return, all assistant coaches will be brought back with one-year contracts.
Well, that's about as much as we've heard since the Seattle game. And what does Lee have to say about Romo?
"You will see it next fall. He has a huge heart. He cares. He’s a football playing dude," Lee said. "He’s going to be fine."
A football playing dude? At least we know one thing Lee learned from Parcells.

Coach David Lee has decided to become Arkansas' offensive coordinator.

Former Arkansas Razorbacks assistant coach David Lee, an assistant with the Dallas Cowboys since 2003, will rejoin the Razorbacks as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.


In a statement provided by Arkansas, Dallas coach Bill Parcells said Lee would be an asset to the Razorbacks.

"While he has been with the Cowboys, he has helped all of our quarterbacks develop and grow," Parcells said. "I think he is an excellent teacher of fundamentals at the quarterback position and he has a solid grasp of how to develop an effective offensive philosophy with the talent that is available to him."

Lee was listed as the Cowboys Offensive Quality Control coach, but we all know he worked closely with the QB's, and Tony Romo credits Lee for his development.

Hat tip to ab03 who posted the news in a diary.

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