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Another coach leaving?

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Well, if we wanted a change in the coaching staff, we may be getting it. JJT from the DMN Blog:

Phone been ringing off the hook today from my various NFL and Cowboys moles. Latest info says special teams coach Bruce DeHaven -- his unit was overall excellent this season despite a couple of huge gaffes on field goals -- is on his way to Seattle to discuss a similar position with Seahawks.

But losing DeHaven wasn't part of my plan, the special teams were overall a plus this year.

Todd Archer frets over free agency.

In the last two seasons, Jerry Jones has doled out millions to free agents, like Rivera, Henry, Jason Ferguson, Akin Ayodele, Kyle Kosier, Ryan Hannam, Rocky Boiman and Mike Vanderjagt.

Frankly, Jones is not happy with the return.
Ferguson, Henry, Ayodele and Kosier have been decent signings. Rivera has been a disappointment and Vanderjagt was such a bust that Jones said he will not fund the kicking position in such a way again. Hannam ($1.1 million bonus) made little impact before having season-ending knee surgery and Boiman ($1 million) was cut.

There's nothing free about it, but it can help build a winner. Provided you're smart about it.

Free agency isn't the perfect answer. Just ask Washington. The Redskins win the off-season championship every year, paying huge money to average guys - and they have made the playoffs once in the last seven years. Do you think they would re-think the decision to sign Adam Archuleta to a deal that included $10 million in bonus money?

Ha! I had to post that shot at the Deadskins.

This article in the USA Today does a pretty good job of summing up all the contradicting theories about the Tuna Watch.

[Parcells is] going because Phil Simms said so, although he admitted he was just guessing.

But the real reason he's staying?
He's staying to spite Simms.

Bada bing!

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