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Free torture for Cowboys fans

Do you like to torture yourself? Do you like hitting yourself in the head with a shovel? If so, then keep reading. Nick Eatman takes a look back at the season and dredges up memories like this:

The Cowboys were 8-4 after beating the Giants on a last-second field goal by Martin Gramatica, who had just signed with the team the week before when the Bill Parcells and the Cowboys completely lost patience with the inconsistent Mike Vanderjagt.

But in a nationally-televised showdown with the Saints, the wheels came off quickly, not just in the game, but the rest of the season as well.

The Cowboys won only one of their final five games, including a demoralizing playoff loss to the Seahawks that prevented the franchise from its first playoff win in 10 years.

That made me want to hurl. I'm still waiting on an answer from the Football Gods as to the reason behind such gut-wrenching plays like this:
Most Pivotal Play
Tony Romo's Drop

Of all the dropped passes that occurred this season, mostly coming from passes by Tony Romo, it turned out Romo had the season's biggest drop of all. The Cowboys had a chance to grab a two-point lead on the Seahawks in the NFC wild-card game with a potential field goal with just over a minute to play. Instead, after virtually having no problems with any holds in two years, Romo dropped the ball just before getting it down for kicker Martin Gramatica. We've all seen the replays numerous times, watching Romo scoop up the ball and alertly dart for the end zone only to have Seattle cornerback Jordan Babineaux tackle him from behind, just a yard short of a first down. Just like that, the Cowboys' season came to an end on a play that automatically becomes one of the more infamous moments in franchise history.

Here's more on the Bruce DeHaven situation.

According to sources, DeHaven interviewed with coach Mike Holmgren on Thursday to be the Seahawks' special teams coach. Like Zimmer and Lee, DeHaven does not have a contract with the Cowboys in 2007. The Seahawks are looking to replace Bob Casullo.

DeHaven joined the Cowboys in 2003 and has produced a quality special teams unit, highlighted by punter Mat McBriar, who earned a Pro Bowl berth this season. Tyson Thompson and Miles Austin averaged 26.0 yards per kickoff return, as the Cowboys ranked second in the NFC in average starting position (28.8 yard line).

The Cowboys allowed only 19.6 yards per kick return, second-best in the NFL, but they suffered through two deflating missed field goal attempts at Washington and in the playoffs against the Seahawks, when Tony Romo bobbled the snap with 1:19 to play.

Aargh...there's that play again, the Romo Bobble! It will never leave us until Romo produces something to trump it.

Sometimes it's funny when writers get all indignant and take out their frustrations with the pen. JJT is a little angry with Bill Parcells and lets it all out in a long screed roasting the Tuna. I've learned that it can be good therapy!

Two weeks is long enough.

And if Parcells can't make a decision, then Jerry must do it for him - and fire the future Hall of Fame coach.

That's the article in a nutshell, but read it for yourself. You can practically visualize JJT full of wrath and fury, banging away at the computer keyboard. But I do agree, it would be nice to have a decision.

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