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Cowboys watch Tuna; Saints play for Super Bowl

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The Tuna Watch continues, but most feel that it's coming to a close very soon. Lots of predictions that we might get an announcement later today, while others say it will be by Monday at latest.

I've got mixed feelings about the Saints. It's a good story, and I don't begrudge their success after what happened to that city, but there is a tinge of jealousy. They are winning with some of our castoffs and our ex-offensive coordinator as coach. The DFW S-T takes on the subject, here.

New Orleans' FB Mike Karney gets some love in this article, including the obligatory reference to the Dallas game.

That's what made his game at Dallas in early December so eye-opening. In the Saints' blowout 42-17 victory, Karney carried three times for 14 yards, including a touchdown, and caught five passes for 39 yards and two more touchdowns. The three carries tied his career high and the five catches were a career high.

What made it so noteworthy was that it happened on national television in a Sunday night game.

Everyone saw it.

One problem: Karney didn't know how to celebrate the touchdowns. He had never scored before that in an NFL game.

"Who could have expected that?" Karney said.

After the game, Saints coach Sean Payton joked that "it wasn't like we went into the game and said, 'We need to get the ball into Mike Karney's hands.'"

Some site called Rotoworld attributes the following to Chris Mortensen:

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports Chargers defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is Jerry Jones' fallback option if Bill Parcells retires.

Mort adds that "conventional wisdom says Parcells comes back." The Tuna, who has until early February to make his plans for 2007 official, may be discussing contract numbers with Jones at this point.

I don't know about Mort anymore after his prediction on Parcells from last year. I don't think we'll find about this one because I'm pretty sure Parcells is returning.

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