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Cowboys lose another assistant coach

Special teams coach Bruce DeHaven is leaving for Seattle.

Cowboys special teams coach Bruce DeHaven has been hired by the Seattle Seahawks.

DeHaven interviewed with the Seahawks and coach Mike Holmgren Thursday in Seatte. He received a three-year contract to coach Seattle's special teams on Friday, the last day of DeHaven's contract with the Cowboys.

"I loved Dallas-Fort Worth," DeHaven said Friday afternoon. "I grew up a Cowboys fan, so this was like a dream job."

DeHaven is leaving his dream job? That's odd, unless this was all about job security because Parcells is really still undecided. Otherwise, it sounds like he got shown the door, or at least the general direction of its location. Perhaps Bill is coming back, and either he's only signing up for one year and all these assistants are going for job security, or Bill and Jerry are getting rid of some people. If it's a case of losing guys that you wanted to keep just because Parcells is undecided, then that would be a flawed offseason strategy. Maybe Parcells has a master plan in the works.

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