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Potential head coaches for the Dallas Cowboys

I've compiled this list of potential coaches for the Dallas Cowboys that were mentioned by the media. Obviously some are more realistic than others, but since we're speculating, let's speculate. Below is my quick take on each, and they are listed in order of my preference, even if not realistic.

Bill Cowher, Pittsburgh Steelers ex-head coach: The perfect solution if it could be done. Super Bowl winning coach that has run the 3-4 defense for years. But, Pittsburgh would want compensation and Cowher probably wants to rest for at least a year. So it's unlikely.

Charlie Weis, Notre Dame head coach: Tuna, Jr. The team could feel some real continuity in this move. But Weis doesn't want to leave ND and has a big buyout clause. A lot to overcome

Wade Phillips, San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator: The safe pick, ran a very impressive 3-4 defense in San Diego this year and has head coach experience in the NFL. He actually has a winning record as a head coach. He could take over the defense, and leave the current offensive regime in place.

Norv Turner, San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator: Love Norv's work as a coordinator, not so much as a head coach. Maybe coming back to Big D would be lucky for him, but it's no guarantee.

Pete Carroll, Southern California head coach: Love Pete's work as the USC head coach, was luke-warm about his stint with the Patriots in the NFL.

Ron Rivera, Chicago Bears defensive coordinator: One problem, he doesn't run the 3-4. Could mean a change in philosophy, possibly setting the team back.

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma head coach: Good college coach, no idea if he's a good NFL coach.

Tony Sparano, Dallas Cowboys offensive line coach: If we do this, Jerry wants a cheap coach that he can control.

Houston Nutt, Arkansas head coach: If his school wasn't Arkansas, we're not having this conversation.

Feel free to add names below. If I get a chance, I'll update the post with new names.

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