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More coaching candidates and other Parcells stuff

The DMN blog suggests another coaching candidate.

Ex-Broncos, Giants and Falcons head coach Dan Reeves, a running back and assistant coach under Tom Landry, recently expressed interest in returning to coaching.

Not sure if the 63-year-old Reeves, who was fired by the Falcons in 2003, would be a good fit. But I guarantee you the man would be motivated. He basically said he's sick of running errands for his wife and wants to get the heck out of the house.

Here are some other additional candidates suggested by John Clayton. I've added my comments after each name.

Mike Martz, Detroit Lions offensive coordinator: I'm not a fan of passing all the time, Martz is better suited as a coordinator with a head coach that can modify his pass-happy tendencies.

Jim Mora, Seattle Seahawks assistant head coach: Didn't handle the situation in Atlanta all that well, probably needs to work his way back up.

Jim Caldwell, Indianapolis Colts assistant head coach: Just don't know enough about him.

Mike Zimmer, Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator: Umm...I just don't see it.

Mike Sherman, Houston Texans offensive coordinator: Interesting, I would have to research his coaching more.

For kicks, let's add another suggestion I've heard:

Jimmy Johnson Umm...yes. Enough said.

Check it out, Bill is going to work at Valley Ranch all week helping out with the team.

Cowboys P.R. director Rich Dalrymple just informed the beat scribes that Parcells will report to work at least through the week. He'll meet with Jerry to evaluate team personnel, including assistant coaches, and discuss free agency.

Parcells, however, has apparently done his last Valley Ranch press conference.

"Bill does not intend to do anything other than the statement," Dalrymple said.

That sounds to me like it was an amicable departure. Ed Werder said it went down this way. Parcells and Jerry were planning to fly to Mobile on Jones' jet today. But around 9:45 this morning, Parcells went into Jones' office and handed him his resignation, then they talked for 15 minutes or so. Parcells then assembled his coaches and told them he was leaving.

Peter King has an article with his thoughts and quotes from Parcells.

"Maybe,'' [Parcells] said. "You know, football's a powerful mistress, but the commitment is ... Well, it's a lot. Can you give what you know it'll take for 12 months? That's the question. These January-to-January deals are a pretty big undertaking. We'll see. But I don't think there'll be any shame if I say I can't do it anymore.''


"It's time,'' [Parcells] said Monday afternoon from his office at Valley Ranch. "It's a young man's game. I'm in good health, but it's time to give someone else a chance. I'm looking forward to whatever life has in store for me, and right now I have no idea what that is.''

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