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Senior Bowl Week

The first big event of the "draft offseason" begins this week when the Senior Bowl kicks off practices today. The NFL Network is covering a lot of the practices for TV. Guys have made their reputations at Senior Bowl practices as they go one-on-one with other top college players.

If we see Bill Parcells at Senior Bowl practices but the Cowboys haven't made an official announcement, can we assume that Parcells will be back?

With the coming of a new stadium the Dallas Cowboys will have to put a new name on it. Since it's a new age and Jerry Jones is an owner who likes to market his team, you can expect one of those awful corporate names. No more Texas Stadium, but what will be the new name? We don't know yet, but this article has some ideas.

Verizon Stadium. Wells Fargo Field. The TI Dome.


...companies should be prepared to write a big check every year. People who track sponsorships say the naming rights could cost more than $300 million for a 30-year deal.

That's a nice chunk of change.

Some of us have a dream that somehow Dick LeBeau, the guru of the 3-4 defense, would end up in Dallas. With the hiring of Minnesota defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin (everyone says it's going to happen, it just hasn't officially yet), will the Steelers get away from the 3-4 defense and what does it mean for LeBeau? Lenny P. suggests changes are coming for Pittsburgh.

For years, the Pittsburgh scouts have unearthed 3-4 players -- undersized college defensive ends who could transition to linebacker, tackles who could move outside and play end, and cornerbacks who were strong in run support -- to fit their scheme.

Tomlin, though, is a disciple of the Cover 2 scheme, a 4-3 front that he learned in Tampa Bay under former Bucs coach Tony Dungy and coordinator Monte Kiffin, and which he implemented in Minnesota this season when he was hired as coordinator. In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this week, Tomlin suggested he won't be tied down to one defense.


Yet given his affinity for the Cover 2 scheme, there is little question Tomlin will want to convert to a 4-3 front as quickly as possible. The bigger question: Does Pittsburgh possess the appropriate personnel for such a switch?

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