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Cowboys look inside first

So we have our first real news on the Cowboys coaching search. Owner Jerry Jones is going to sit down with three of the Cowboys assistants to talk about the future.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones will begin the search for Bill Parcells' replacement Tuesday with some familiar faces.

According to several sources, Jones is scheduled to speak with offensive assistants Tony Sparano and Todd Haley as well as secondary coach Todd Bowles as possible replacements for Parcells, who resigned Monday.

Sparano, Haley and Bowles are all under contract with the Cowboys through 2007. Sparano is the only one of the three with head coaching experience, spending four years at New Haven (1994 to '98).

These may be about the HC position, or maybe just general interviews about their future in Dallas. None of these guys excite me, but they may be qualified. It's so hard for outsiders to get a view of the Dallas assistant coaches because of Parcells' gag-rule on them. But that didn't stop me from forming an opinion on Mike Zimmer, so I guess I can on these guys, too. Right now, they aren't in my top-tier of coaches I want to see replace Parcells.

I've been reading on boards that Ron Rivera, the Bears defensive assistant, went on the radio and expressed an interest in the Dallas job, said the scheme of the defense won't matter because he teaches concepts, not necessarily scheme, and sounded like he had a plan for future head coaching. Most listeners came away impressed. I haven't heard it so I can't comment, but just wanted to pass along that news.

Another name that hasn't been talked about much is Norm Chow, who has done some pretty incredible work with QB's in his time. The DMN blog lays it out this way:

I can't imagine there is anybody better at developing young QBs than Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow.

Remember all the draft talk that Vince Young couldn't be a legit NFL starter for at least a season or two? Chow helped him become the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

Matt Leinart, Carson Palmer, Phillip Rivers, Steve Young, Jim McMahon and Ty Detmer are among the quarterbacks who owe some of their success to Chow, a former assistant at BYU, North Carolina State and USC.

Rick Gosselin had this to say:

Norm Chow also would be a consideration. He, too, interviewed at Arizona this month. In the last three seasons, Chow coached Matt Leinart to a Heisman Trophy at Southern Cal in 2004 and Vince Young to NFL Rookie of the Year honors at Tennessee in 2006. So he has plenty to offer an emerging young quarterback, as well.

Like Caldwell, Chow appreciates the need to play and develop youngsters. Having spent 22 seasons in the college game, Chow knows how to turn over a roster every four years. He also was the offensive coordinator on the youngest team in the NFL in 2006 - a Tennessee team that finished 8-8.

Someone in the comments brought up Jimmy Johnson's endorsement of Norv Turner. Jimmy on Norv:

"Not the sexy hire I'm sure many fans are looking for," said Jimmy, "but when you have the Tony Romo factor, then everybody had better think hard about Norv Turner.

"Everyone knows how I feel about Norv, but beyond that, I'm taking a look at what you want to happen on offense with Romo. And Norv is the candidate that makes the most sense in that area."

But when you mix in the serious defensive questions, can Turner find the right answers there?

"I don't know," answered Johnson, "but on a list of priorities for the Cowboys, developing Romo is as important as putting the defense back together. Now, can you find the right guy to do both?"

And then there is this bit from Adam Schefter:

Jones is expected to conduct an exhaustive, comprehensive coaching search that could wind up bringing the dynamic duo of Chargers defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and former Cowboys quarterback Jason Garrett to Dallas, NFL sources said Monday.

Of the many ideas Jones is considering -- and he will stop at nothing to ensure the continued success of his franchise -- one is hiring Phillips as his head coach and Garrett as his offensive coordinator/head-coach-in training.

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