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Cowboys interview Jason Garrett

Ed Werder reports that Jason Garrett had an interview with Jerry Jones today.

Miami Dolphins quarterbacks coach Jason Garrett was interviewing Wednesday with Dallas owner Jerry Jones to become the team's offensive coordinator, Cowboys sources said.


The Cowboys are operating under a deadline imposed by the Dolphins. According to a league source, the Dolphins gave the Cowboys permission to approach Garrett but have insisted they make a decision by Thursday.

A decision by Thursday? That could really accelerate the Jones' hiring process if he's serious about bringing in Jason Garrett as offensive coordinator. If he brings in Garrett in that capacity, that would have a ripple effect on who the next coach would be.

But Werder goes farther than that, stating the Cowboys' plan in plain terms.

The Cowboys' plan for replacing Parcells at this point is to determine whether Garrett as offensive coordinator can call plays, develop the offensive scheme and manage the offensive coaching staff and the players -- particularly Terrell Owens. If it is determined that Garrett, who has never called plays, can handle that much responsibility, then the Cowboys are expected to pursue San Diego defensive coordinator Wade Phillips to replace Parcells. If Jones decides that Garrett is not quite ready for that role, he would be hired as offensive coordinator and then paired with Norv Turner, who can handle the overall offense.

This is the narrative that has become conventional wisdom recently. I've seen it stated by several media sources and it does sound like it has some validity to it. Here's the caveat - the media has been wrong before, and with Jerry Jones you never know what he'll do.

Still, this is starting to sound like the safe plan of hiring experience at the head coaching spot to act as a safety net, while trying to develop a young assistant to take over one day. Of course, if Jerry interviews some other candidates, say a Ron Rivera or a Jim Caldwell, and they give a sparkling audition, he might be moved enough to go in a different direction. But the odds-on favorite in the betting world right now would have to be some combination of Phillips/Turner/Garrett.

Unless Garrett fails to impress today.

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