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Wade Phillips talks after his interview

Wade Phillips spoke to some reporters at Valley Ranch after his interview.

On the 3-4; "Obviously I like the 3-4, I've been coaching it a long time. It gives you a lot of things especially a pass rush and you can matchup a lot pass rush wise. You can also beat big offensive blocking schemes so in my background obvious is defense and the 3-4 I like both of those things."

Did you think you would get another chance: "I didn't know. I'm going on my record. There aren't many winning, successful coaches that come out of there usually when your not a head coach its because you haven't won enough games. I won as a head coach. I've been to the playoffs three out of the five years I've been a head coach."

On inheriting coaches; "In this day and time in this situation, to get good coaches sometimes you have to put the cart before the horse. In this situation if you have good coaches a lot of times you want to keep them and they're gonna be gone if you don't latch on to them I can see why they would go in that direction."

On Jason Garrett; "I know Jason. I haven't worked with him yet, but I know him pretty well I think he's a bright young mind that's going to do well in this league. He's one of those rising stars."

On whether Jason Garrett is being groomed as the next coach: "If he hires me, I wouldn't worry about it. If he hires him that might have been the case. I don't worry about that."

Todd Archer says Jason Witten is going to the Pro Bowl.

Jason Witten said he will be making his third straight trip to the Pro Bowl, replacing an injured Jeremy Shockey.


He will join teammates Tony Romo, Roy Williams, Mat McBriar and DeMarcus Ware.

Quick prediction: he will set a Pro Bowl record for catches in a game with Romo as a quarterback.

Over at FOX Sports, they're on board with Wade Phillips.

It isn't conventional in terms of the chronological order, but you do have to like the appointment of Garrett as the team's offensive coordinator. Some will say Garrett is young and hasn't really been a coach, but he has basically been coaching for the last 15 years as a savvy backup quarterback, including a sustained run with Troy Aikman in Dallas. Anyone who has ever encountered Garrett believes he will be a highly successful coach.

And Jones says Garrett is still a candidate for the head coaching job.

I think under this bizarre circumstance, the best case scenario is to hire Wade Phillips instead.

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