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Gary Gibbs and other Cowboys notes

Gary Gibbs talked to the media today after his interview.

Gary Gibbs on about his interview on Saturday: "I had a good day today. I felt like we had a good visit. It was very comfortable visiting, having been here for four years. I felt at ease. We covered a lot of topics."

Gibbs talked to Bill Parcells for and hour and half and with Jason Garrett for 30 minutes.


"I'm not obsessed with being a head coach," Gibbs said. "I like coaching and I've enjoyed my time while I was here and I've enjoyed my time in New Orleans."

Funny thing Gibbs said about being a head coach: "What I learned at Oklahoma is you better beat Texas."


Gary Gibbs on Jason Garrett: "We had a good conversation. He's a bright young guy that has a lot of passion for the game and has done a good job. He has a lot of experience, even though it might not be a lot of coaching experience, he has a lot of experience as a player. He's been around a lot of good coaches and you can tell he's a sharp guy."

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"My focus has been on our defense there in New Orleans," he said. "I didn't have time to look at anybody except somebody else's offense. I was scared to death of the Dallas offense, I can tell you that."

Gibbs ran a 4-3 scheme in New Orleans and said he spoke to Jones about defensive philosophy on Saturday. He also coached in a 3-4 system under Parcells in 2005.

"We talked a little bit about defense, what we'd do if I came here and how I thought we could do some things that might be a little bit different than they did this year," Gibbs said. "We talked a little bit about those things. At the end of the day it's making sure you put players in a good position to make plays."

Verdict: This sounded like a nice courtesy extended by Jerry Jones to Gary Gibbs. I don't believe it's serious.

During halftime at the Senior Bowl, Adam Schefter gave his take on the Dallas search for a head coach. Basically, he reiterated that Norv Turner is the front-runner, and that ex-Cowboys great Troy Aikman has had some influence in the decisions. Not only does Troy give much of the credit for his career to Turner - going as far as having Turner introduce him at the Hall of Fame - but Aikman also cited Jason Garrett as one of his closest confidants in that speech. So I guess if they hire Turner, I can blame Aikman. But Schefter also said that Turner only wants to coach a few more years, setting it up for Jason Garrett to take over. So if Garrett works out, I guess I can thank Aikman.

I didn't see anything written up about Ed Werder's interview with Tony Romo, parts of which they showed on ESPN News. Romo said that the moments sitting on the field right after he had bobbled the snap and was tackled were like a dream. He said he was sitting thinking "wake-up", that it was a surreal dream. But he also said the whole thing taught him a lot about the game. He said the thing the team will miss from not having Parcells was his knowledge of all phases of football, he knew about every aspect; offense, defense, etc. He finished by saying he'd miss him. Then came the most interesting segment, where Romo said that in the weeks since the Seattle game, Terrell Owens has been his best teammate. Owens is the guy who sends him the most text messages and calls him the most. Interesting that ESPN isn't running that clip all the time, isn't it? He finished by saying that if the Cowboys keep most of the pieces in place that the team has a chance to go deep in the playoffs next year. Oh yeah, he also said next year, he hopes he gets the hold down. Don't worry Tony, I think your holding days are over.

This guy over at the San Antonio Express-News is mad about the way people are talking about Bill Parcells.

Cowboys lose another assistant; Anthony Lynn is joining the Cleveland Browns.

Anthony Lynn, the Cowboys' running backs coach the past two years, has accepted a job on the Cleveland Browns' staff as either running backs or wide receivers coach. He received a two-year contract.

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