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Norv speaks

Norv Turner per the DMN blog:

"The first thing is, it was really exciting for me. It's the first time I've been in this building since I was apart of this organization many years ago. We talked a little bit about everything, it's a great opportunity, its one of the great organizations in all of sports. I had a chance to visit with Jerry and get a real good idea of what he's thinking."

On being the front runner: "I think the guys who have come in and talked are very qualified. I want a chance to come in and talk and I know what Jerry is looking for and its certainly as big a decision as you can make. I'm excited I had a chance to visit."

Turner said he had a good talk with Bill Parcells. The two talked about the players and just how far this team is, or how close this team is to a Super Bowl, depending on your point of view.

Turner is headed back to the Bay Area as we speak and no timetable has been determined to when the Cowboys will name a new coach.

Here's Turner on a possible third chance: "You never say never. To me in this league it's all about timing and circumstance and the timing of this presents an opportunity. I've got a lot of confidence in the things I can do. I think there are a lot of people in this league that look at it in that manner. I'm confident that if this opportunity happens it'll be a great opportunity. If it doesn't, then there will be something down the road." .

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