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Cowboys expected to talk to Turner again

Ed Werder seems to be further out on the coaching search than anybody else - if his sources are to be trusted. But then again, almost everyone in the Dallas media says it's a fait accompli.  

But Turner and the Cowboys are expected to resume talking, and he continues to be the leading candidate in Dallas' search for a new coach, sources told Werder.

Turner made a strong impression with Jones, former coach Bill Parcells and vice president Stephen Jones, according to Werder. Turner tried to convince Jones that he is the best choice to mentor new hire Jason Garrett -- who'll likely serve as offensive coordinator -- while developing the skills of Romo. Turner also stressed that he is capable of assembling a defensive staff that could repair a unit that collapsed late in the season.

I would love to know some of the names on that list of defensive coaches he has in mind. It really is beginning to sound like this is over and that Turner will be our next coach. So I guess I'll just have to get used to it. At least that supposed problem about hiring an offensive coordinator before the coach isn't an issue after all.
Turner said he'd have no problem having Garrett on his staff. In fact, Turner tried getting Garrett on his staff in Oakland.

"That tells you a little something about how I feel about Jason," Turner said.

I'm sure there was one requirement that had to be fulfilled for any incoming head coach to pass the Jerry Jones' Test, and Norv passed with flying colors.
"I want to coach good players," Turner said. "Being with a new team, there's an evaluation process, and there's a lot of things that go into it. I like the players that are here and T.O. is one of them."

Mickey Spags had a couple of helpings of the Kool-Aid and is pimping Turner hardcore.
Mick starts with an ode to the Glory Days of the 90's by advising any Turner skeptic to view the 1992 NFC Championship game where they will be overcome with the goodness that is Norv Turner. Once again, for the last time, great coordinator, bad head coach. Mick is also ready to chunk the 3-4 defense and thinks our offense needs the help because of the departed coaches. The article is loaded with other neat Norv facts.

OK, so Mickey likes Norv and he wants to relive the 90's again. I'll give him the fact we could do worse, I mean, maybe Norv reverses his poor head coaching track record because of the magic dust at Valley Ranch.

But then he had to say this:

You know, the Cowboys were just about to turn this defense over to Bowles had Parcells remained, since the head coach would have kept an eye on what would have been a first-time coordinator. Obviously that's no longer the case, but I've got a great idea.

Make Bowles the defensive coordinator, but then bring in - and I want absolutely no snickering on this one - Dave Campo to oversee the defense, maybe be the assistant head coach or something. Look, Jacksonville was willing to let Campo, the Jaguars' assistant head coach/secondary coach, interview for the D-coordinator spot in San Francisco this past week. And say what you want about Campo as a head coach here, no better than 5-11 his three seasons, but he was - and still is - a damn good defensive coordinator.

Lord help me, they are trying to put the band back together. Too bad they're forgetting the one big piece, you know, the guy who really made them good - Jimmy Johnson. Until he returns to the coaching lineup, I remain skeptical of this reformed group.

Our former defensive coordinator wrote us a goodbye letter.

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