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King on Romo and Garrett

Peter King has some good Cowboys stuff in his latest MMQB article. First, he's got the skinny on what Jason Garrett said to a specific question in the interview process. This sounds like a direct leak from Jerry or Stephen or maybe even Parcells.

I'm told the Cowboys were fairly blown away by [Garrett's] presence during his interview there, including his response when the Cowboys asked if he could he be tough enough as their leader, given that he was so recently a player. Garrett has served only two seasons as an assistant coach, with Miami the last two years. His basic message to the Cowboys was, "When I met with my quarterbacks in Miami, the first thing out of my mouth was, 'I'm not your friend. I'm a resource for you.' The guys I've been most disappointed in my life are the coaches who didn't make me the best I could be.''

I'm told Jones was extremely impressed with Garrett and felt he had to have him in some capacity after his interview was finished, and that's how he ended up being announced as at least the offensive coordinator before the coaching search was finished.

I like that answer. No wonder so many coaches have wanted Garrett on their staff.

Then King talked to Romo, who gives us this interesting quote.

"The hardest thing for me walking off the field that night was knowing this might be it for him,'' Romo said of Parcells. "I knew he didn't have a lot of chances left. He never cared about his legacy, never talked about it, never in any way. But I thought about it. I cared about his legacy. So it was hard for me. He was hard on me, like a dad would be, but he was also great for me. All he cared about was making me the best player I could be.

"Last week, we talked, and he hinted it might be all over for him," Romo added. "I knew there was a possibility that it would be our last conversation. He wanted to tell me a little list of the four or five things I needed to do to reach the level he thought I could reach. He told me he thought I had it, that I could do something. I'll probably never repeat those four or five things to anyone. But I will remember that conversation for the rest of my career.''

That must've been very important to Romo. After ending Parcells' career with the bobbled snap, Romo was crushed. Even though it wasn't all Romo's fault, and the only reason we were in the playoffs anyway was because of him, he had to be feeling some personal grief over the way it ended. But Parcells put that to rest for Romo, and told him he could be special and here's how he could do that. Classy.

On the coaching front, we know we need a defensive coordinator. If Turner is the hire, he says he has a plan. Is it Jerry's plan, and do we go back to the future with Dave Campo? Or does Turner have a plan that might involve a coach he's currently working with? Like someone from San Fran?

The 49ers have asked for and received permission to interview Chargers linebackers coach Greg Manusky for their vacant defensive coordinator position.

Manusky, 40, was considered to be a candidate for the Chargers' defensive-coordinator position if Wade Phillips is hired as the Cowboys head coach. Phillips and 49ers offensive coordinator Norv Turner have interviewed for the Cowboys' job. Turner interviewed with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Sunday.

Manusky has only slightly more experience than 49ers assistant head coach/defense Mike Singletary, whose lack of NFL coaching experience is seen as the only reason he has not already been promoted to the job. Singletary has coached four seasons in the league.


Mike Singletary (49ers assistant head coach/defense) -- Nolan sees no need in interviewing him for the job. Singletary wants to be the defensive coordinator. If he is promoted to that role, Nolan will handle most of the responsibilities until he feels comfortable handing it off to Singletary.

I know this is a lot of speculation on my part and some other Cowboys fans. But if Singletary is passed over and the Chargers coach is hired, will Singletary become disgruntled. And if Turner comes calling, would the 49ers even consent to an interview? They don't have to if they don't want to. Just throwing it out there.

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