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Rumors flying

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea if any of these rumors are true. I'm just passing on what I've read on other boards.

The rumors on radio are flying fast. I've seen quite a few stories where the Cowboys supposedly haven't fulfilled the requirements of the Rooney Rule. Word is that the Todd Bowles interview might not have done the trick; the NFL must not think it wasn't serious or the Cowboys may be admitting it was for the defensive coordinator position, instead of head coach. No one from the Cowboys or the NFL has confirmed this, but quite a few league insiders are reporting it. Also, there are the Adam Schefter comments on Sirius radio that Norv may not be the man and that Wade Phillips maybe jumping back into the front-runner spot. I didn't hear these comments directly so I can't confirm them. If anybody here heard this report on Sirius radio let me know, otherwise, I remain very skeptical, and even if Schefter did say those things, I still remain skeptical.

There are also reports of the Cowboys possibly lining up new candidates for an interview, and there are other reports that it's over and the announcement of Norv could come as soon as today.

I really believe Jerry has settled on Norv Turner, even though it's not my first or second choice.

Here's a really odd story that sort of involves Terrell Owens. There's a "doctor" in Atlanta that helps treat Owens and a ton of other NFL players. The problem is he's not licensed in Georgia to do what he's doing, at least that is currently under investigation. The guy doesn't claim to be a doctor, although a couple of NFL players said they were sure he was a doctor. He's practicing some kind of specialty medicine that is licensed in some states, and not in others. It's really an interesting story; you can read the very long article here at ESPN.

No one is accusing Owens or the other NFL players of doing anything wrong or shady, but it's a strange situation.

This made me a little sad.

Bill Parcells' familiar Lincoln Town Car is no longer in its spot near the coaches' entrance at Valley Ranch. Parcells has been a fixture at the Ranch since the season ended and he was here over the weekend to speak with Gary Gibbs and Norv Turner about the Cowboys' personnel.

I don't know, but there was something comforting to me with Parcells still in the building. He was kind of a special consultant helping the Cowboys out, now it seems he truly is gone. But not as gone as it sounded in Romo's comments to Peter King. BTB regular moon rock pointed out the underlying morbid tones in a few of Romo's remarks about Parcells.

I knew he didn't have a lot of chances left.

Last week, we talked, and he hinted it might be all over for him.

I knew there was a possibility that it would be our last conversation.

I'm not dead yet, it's just a flesh wound!

Oh yeah, and I liked this little nugget at the end.

And for those who think Parcells was with the Joneses during the interview process, ah, no. He met with his prospective replacements separately and answered questions for them.

Good, I say. Bill had a chance to be totally free in his remarks about the players, the organization and what needs to be done to succeed without worrying about offending anybody. Some of that may be very valuable to an incoming coach.

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