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What's Jerry up to now?

It seems that half of Cowboys Nation had the same thought I did when I heard the news about Mike Singletary coming in for an interview. It goes like this - Norv is the favorite for the job and he and Jerry were discussing the defense. Norv says he already has somebody in mind for the defense, as reported this morning. In this hypothetical world, Norv tells Jerry he wants Mike Singletary to be the defensive coordinator. Jerry says he doesn't know Singletary but would like to meet him, and the commish is all over his case about the Rooney Rule. So Jerry said let's kill two birds with one stone and call Mike in for an interview. We'll say it's for head coach, but really, we want to check him out for the defensive coordinator position.

OK, that may be a little cynical. Maybe the Cowboys really are considering him for the head coach position. Maybe Norv said some good things about Singletary to Jerry, so Jerry decided to give him a shot. Maybe Norv isn't the front-runner and we're really going defense for head coach. Maybe my head will explode thinking about all the different machinations that could be going on at Valley Ranch. Would the Cowboys really be screwing around with Singletary without his knowledge? Or is he in on the plot? And what of San Fran, who has to be fuming that the Cowboys are all up in their coaching staff.

Never a dull moment with Jerry. If he hires Turner as the HC and Singletary as the DC, I'll feel a little better. Singletary would get instant respect from the Cowboys defensive players; he seems to be an energetic coach - did anybody catch him at the Senior Bowl - and he has been working with Mike Nolan, who is no slouch with the 3-4 defense.

Open for all thoughts on the issue.

Update [2007-1-29 19:25:41 by Grizz]: Deke reminds me of something in the comments that I should've have written in this post. If the Cowboys try to hire Singletary for the DC position, the 49ers can say no. It's at their discretion.

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