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Cowboys working on upbeat message

The Cowboys are buying the company line; it's a brand new season. Of course they are, what else can you do? There's no way they can defend their play over the last month. But I'm with them, it's the playoffs, anything can happen.

"The fact of the matter is after all that's happened, everything we've done, with the way we've played, we still have an opportunity to go in there and do something," cornerback Aaron Glenn said. "If we weren't in the playoffs, that would be a totally different story. ... Hopefully we'll get that one and still have another opportunity, and if we go to the Super Bowl, none of the stuff we're talking about now will matter."

If simple belief isn't enough, Glenn calls on a higher power.

"Maybe God put us in this position to see how we persevered through this whole thing at the end and go to the playoffs," cornerback Aaron Glenn said. "We have some things going on, some turmoil in the locker room, but we're in the playoffs and the thing is, we have another opportunity."

Turmoil in the locker room? Don't tell Parcells that, he hasn't heard anything about it. He must not watch the news.

"We always have something going on around here," [Akin Ayodele] said. "It's like we're always leading the 6 o'clock news."

Bradie James chimes in on the playoffs.

Added linebacker Bradie James: "We are a playoff team. The record speaks for itself. It's disappointing because you set the bar so high and you crash in December. I can't figure that out. We don't know what to expect. But we are still playing. That's all the hope you need."

Hope, belief, you believe in miracles? Oy, this definitely isn't the way you want to enter the playoffs, but one win in the playoffs changes everything. If you can pull it together for one game and win, suddenly your confidence is sky high.

Romo is planning to do his part, and definitely sounds like he and Parcells had a good talk yesterday.

"A play here or there can change a lot," Romo said. "For us, it's just making those plays when it counts and minimizing mistakes. If I can somehow avoid the mistakes and not have any turnovers, then hopefully we'll be all right."

Romo is preparing for this game by looking at some history, and he's not going to a museum as Parcells suggested to anybody who wanted to look at history. Romo plans to imitate Joe Cool:

As he prepares for his first postseason game as a starter, Romo cited a statistic from Joe Montana, who's regarded by some as the most clutch quarterback ever. "Joe Cool" won four Super Bowls in four tries, throwing 11 touchdowns - and no interceptions.

Romo will return on Saturday to Qwest Field, where nearly five months ago he played the entire game against the Seahawks, completing 19 of 25 passes for 235 yards and confirming Parcells' belief that he'd made considerable strides in his third off-season.

"Individually that was every bit as important as any game I've probably played in," Romo said. "For us it's a situation of just not turning the ball over really. Not making a mistake and just doing what we do best."

Romo reiterates one last time:
In his last five games, Romo has fumbled seven times and been intercepted eight.

"Probably my No. 1 focus is not turning it over this game and throughout the playoffs," he said.

JJT takes a look at Romo in detail. It's a good read. But the numbers at the bottom of the article capture the story with Romo.

The good
65.3: percent accuracy (second in the NFL)
8.61: yards per attempt (leads the NFL)
95.1: passer rating (fifth in the NFL)

The bad
3: lost fumbles
5: straight games with an interception
3.9: INT percentage is among the worst in the league

For most of a game Romo is very good, look at his accuracy number. But for a few plays in a game, he's costing the Cowboys, and nothing hurts a team worse than turnovers. If Romo can fix this one part of his game, then Dallas stands a chance against anybody, even with our defense.

JJT looks back at some history, even though Parcells said not to. He looks at the key plays of 2006 for the Cowboys.

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