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Cowboys interviewing Singletary; fans wait

There's not much new as we wait for the Mike Singletary interview to conclude. It seems likely that we'll have an answer by Wednesday because Jerry is reportedly flying to the Super Bowl on Thursday. If not, then it will likely drag on past the Super Bowl, and it would be an indication that none of the current candidates will be hired as the head coach. If we don't see an announcement by Wednesday, then just maybe Jerry does want to take a look at some of the assistants on the Colts or Bears.

In other minor news, the Cowboys safeties coach from last year, Mike MacIntyre, joined the New York Jets coaching staff. MacIntyre's contract expired with Dallas at the end of the season.

The Cowboys coaching search from a San Fran paper perspective.

Jim Reeves attempts to deflect accusations that the old-guard local Dallas media want Norv Turner back just because they know him and like him. After reading the article, I got the feeling they want Norv back just because they know him and like him.

There's a new DCFanatic Radio Show up, it's about the Bill Parcells era and the new coaching search. Disclaimer: It was recorded this past Friday, so it was before the "news" that Norv Turner was the front-runner. At the time, Wade Phillips was just finishing up his interview and it wasn't until over the weekend that the Norv bandwagon really picked up steam. So I'm heard pushing for Wade Phillips, but I've pretty much lost hope that Jerry will be going in that direction.

Right now, I think its Turner unless Singletary absolutely brings down the house in his interview.

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