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Oh yeah, there's a Super Bowl coming up

There is a Super Bowl coming up. As wrapped up as we are in our coaching search, the rest of the football world is concentrating on a big game coming up on Sunday. So it's time I officially stake out my position on the Super Bowl. I am rooting for the Chicago Bears for three reasons.

1.    They're the NFC representative. I want them to stick up for our conference. Let's face it, the really good teams over the last half decade have been in the AFC, including this year. The Bears need to represent.

2.    I like defense, always have and always will. Go Bears.

3.    When I have no real feeling for either contestant in a battle, I find myself rooting for the underdog.

There you have it. I'm on Da Bears Bandwagon.

Here are the two best places on the Internet to get a feel for each team going into the big game. Windy City Gridiron will take care of all your Bears' needs, and Stampede Blue is the go-to place for the Colts.

You can visit the official Super Bow site at - where else -

The question is: Who are you guys rooting for?

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