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Mike Singletary speaks...

Words from Mike Singletary per the DMN blog:

On interviewing with different teams (Atlanta, Detroit, Dallas):

"I think each one is different," Singletary said. "Each opportunity is different and I think they're looking for different things. So it's one thing when you have an interview, the next time you just prepare better. You sort of ease the tension in terms of what might they ask. What is the conversation going to be about? What are some of the questions? And you just have to do your homework and be ready to go. There are some things that are very similar, but because of the nature of the team where they are, some things are very different."

On following the Boys as a kid:

"Watching the Cowboys when I was a kid, that's one of the few things that I would fight over," Singletary said. "If the Cowboys didn't win, I was not a guy you wanted to talk to."

Words from Mike Singletary per the DFW S-T:

On the Rooney Rule:

"There are a number of other African-Americans out there that could have gotten this call and did not," the San Francisco 49ers defensive assistant coach said after he interviewed for the Cowboys head coaching vacancy Tuesday.

"If every time somebody called, you sit back and go well, ‘I wonder if this is a ‘Rooney Rule?’", Singletary said. "For me, every time I have the opportunity to have an interview, I feel very blessed and privileged to have it, and I make the most of the opportunity and I go from there."

On becoming a head coach with little coaching experience:
"Coming back into the game, I’ve accelerated my learning in terms of things that you have to do in terms of being a head coach," he said. "As I look around at some of the head coaches in the league, I feel that I’m ready to make that move. I can do that and be successful."
I'll post more Singletary quotes as they print them.

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