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More Singletary comments

Here's some more Singletary from a Rob Phillips article.

"I must say that I feel positive," Singletary said. "Positive in the fact that I thought all of the questions were properly answered and addressed, and that's all you can hope for in an interview. When it's all said and done, you didn't leave anything on the table."

The Cowboys also must fill their defensive coordinator position. But when asked if he could foresee possibly leaving the 49ers for a different title in Dallas than head coach, Singletary said "I would say right now, just as a head coach."

Some people have reported that last statement as saying he only wants the head coach position. That vague non-response sounded to me like he was saying - if they tell me I'm not the head coach, I'm ready to talk defensive coordinator.  

The guys is impressive, when I heard him coaching at the Senior Bowl, it was magnetic. I wanted to get up from my couch and do some high-stepping over practice dummies - keeping my butt low and my head up. I wanted to stay under control then explode upwards into the bookcase and wrap-up. I was pumped.

But then I think about the fact he's only got four years of coaching under his belt - that's not a lot - and he hasn't even been a true coordinator yet. That's taking a big gamble. Just like Jason Garrett, you're going big risk, big reward with him as head coach. Then again, Singletary and Garrett were essentially coaches on the field; they have a lot of NFL experience acting like assistants. Singletary has the added bonus of actually playing during his career, and at the highest level. His kind of career and reputation as a leader gets instant respect from his players. I don't think motivating a team would be his problem, but the everyday organizational details and the on-the-fly in-game decisions could be a little bumpy at first.

This is my own personal ranking of the top four candidates we've been presented with so far.

Wade Phillips
Mike Singletary
Jason Garrett
Norv Turner

Wade Phillips has a winning record as a head coach and he's recognized as one of the best 3-4 defensive coordinators around. He's the best pick who is the safest pick. I think he could do the most with this team for next year.

Mike Singletary is the splashy, risky and possibly big payoff guy. We know he's a leader, he's shown that on the field and off the field, we know he can motivate people, what we don't know is can he be a head coach. Someone is going to find out soon; maybe it should be the Cowboys.

I like what people say about Jason Garrett, and it's a good thing we've got him on staff. But unless you're positive he's ready right now to be the head coach - and I'm not sure he is - groom him for a few years. Get him ready for his big debut somewhere down the line as the Cowboys head coach.

Norv Turner just doesn't feel like the right pick to me. He's a fantastic offensive coordinator, but has a losing record with two different teams as head coach. It feels like a comfortable, nostalgia pick instead of a smart football move. I can't summon up the belief that the third time is a charm for Norv. If it came down to Turner or an inexperienced Singletary or Garrett, I would take the fresh start and gamble on the inexperienced.

And if we do hire Turner as head coach, then we should absolutely try to get Singletary on as the defensive coordinator. I'm sure Jerry could find a way to make it happen with San Fran if he really wanted him.

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