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Cowboys fun with YouTube

I've got nothing for you. I've written about as much as I can about the search for the next head coach. So while we wait to see if Jerry announces something today before jetting off to the Super Bowl, enjoy a little downtime with YouTube.

This video skewers Tony Romo and is hilarious. Don't be offended and uptight about dogging on Romo, he's a big boy and can take it. Besides, it's just comedy.

There's a whole set of these type of videos from a guy called BradyFan83. He even skewers Tom Brady, his hero, in one. Here, he goes after T.O. and Ocho Cinco.

Do yourself a big favor and watch the Brett Favre video (The Final Drive), it's brilliant. I also recommend the Mike Vick video (Ron Mexico) at his user page -

And for anybody who didn't think the Romo clip was funny, here are some real Romo highlights that should make your day. The clip below says it's six and half minutes long, but it really stops at the four minute mark.

Hat tip to Devil81 at the Ranch Report where I got the links.

This is an open thread. Chat away while we wait.

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