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Player talk from Wednesday

It's Thursday, so that means it's time for T.O.'s world. What do you think the press wanted to talk to Owens about?

"You guys brought that up," Owens said after Wednesday's practice. "Wherever you guys are getting your leaks or sources from ... it's nonexistent to me."

Brought what up?

"It shouldn't be a situation where I should be talking about whether I want to come back," said Owens, who said he would get signed by another team if the Cowboys release him. "[The media] should be focusing on the playoffs. This is not anything dealing with whether I'll be back or not."

Cool, what about the playoffs?

"I'm looking forward to it," he said. "I've been in the playoffs before, I've played in the Super Bowl before. I wasn't 100 percent healthy, but you know, I held my own. I'm not a guy who will lose his focus. I'm not a guy who lacks confidence."

Rock on big guy. But what if you're not back next year? You know they just had to ask.

"I'm very confident, don't read into this, if I'm not here I will be somewhere else," Owens said. "I honestly haven't gotten into it that I'm not going to be here next year. I've heard it, but I'm not really worried about it."

There's been a Drew Bledsoe sighting.

Quarterback Drew Bledsoe said he is undecided on whether he will retire after the season.

Bledsoe returns to his native Washington as a frustrated backup after losing his starting job to Tony Romo in the seventh game of the year.

"It's hard going back home and not playing," Bledsoe said. "I will have a ton of people at the game."

The 14-year veteran said he will wait until after the season to make a decision rather making an impulse decision now.

JJ says he loves to play in Seattle.

Running back Julius Jones likes playing in Seattle and believes the surface at Qwest Field is one of the best in the league.

"It's the best FieldTurf out there," Jones said. "It's just a fast track. I can't wait to get up there and play on it."

Pat Watkins is starting to get it.

``I was out-thinking myself and it was harder than I thought it was going to be," Watkins said. "Now I'm just playing and getting my hands on the ball."

Check it out, the Seattle media asked Parcells if he was a cat or a dog man.

During a conference call with Seattle-area reporters, Parcells was asked if he had a cat or dog.

"I have a cat," Parcells said. "My girlfriend has a cat. I have a cat. His name is Cody. He's a good size cat. He's about 16 or 17 pounds, very athletic. He can do stuff you wouldn't believe."

Parcells went on to say the cat "has qualities that you just can't see. He's a diligent worker, studies hard; he comes in on off-days and catches mice. I like the cat; I think he's coming along nicely. He gets it, he knows when to eat the cheese or when to put it out to attract mice, he has a good grasp on where the litter box is. When he got here he paid attention to a veteran tabby down the road named "Mr. Chips", that was a good influence on Cody. Now he's starting to understand, he knows when it's OK to cough up a fur ball and when it's not. He's got a future in this house."

Oh yeah, the Seattle secondary is hurting. How do we know it's hurting? They signed Pete Hunter, and he might even play.

Hunter is the stranger in a strange land -- although he worked out for the Seahawks once before -- who Tuesday shared a stall with Rich Gardner, another player recently signed by the Seahawks to shore up depth at cornerback.

Here's the issues for Seattle.

Cornerbacks Kelly Herndon, a starter, and Jimmy Williams, a reserve pressed into service last Sunday until he injured a knee, are out. In their place, are cornerback Pete Hunter and safety John Howell, both of whom were signed Tuesday.


Besides Herndon and Williams, starting right cornerback Marcus Trufant is at best questionable for Saturday with a high right ankle sprain. That means Jordan Babineaux and Kelly Jennings, who finished the Tampa Bay game as cornerbacks, will start. Gardner is likely the nickel cornerback, with Hunter the best option as the sixth, or dime, defensive back on passing downs.

But Pete is out for vengeance...or something.

"There's a lot on me right now, but I'm a veteran," Hunter said. "So I have to act that way and get in my playbook and just try to soak in as much as I can."

Hunter, listed at 6 feet 2, 208 pounds, certainly has motivation to perform well. The 26-year-old was a Cowboy from his rookie season in 2002 through 2004, and has a house in the Dallas area 1 ½ miles from Cowboys' headquarters.

"Every time I walk out my door I can see their practice facility, because I live on the top of a hill," he said.

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