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Glenn, Owens hoping for big game

Yesterday, I wrote about my desire for the Cowboys to run the ball this Saturday. Included in that was Julius Jones' desire that they run the ball. But with the M.A.S.H. unit Seattle has in the secondary, Terry Glenn has other ideas.

"We have to pass to show a little balance," Glenn said. "I think our team is more set up for the pass based on the weapons we have. Obviously, every game we're going to come in and try to pass the ball. But since they're depleted at corner, it makes it a little more special."

More Glenn:

"They are down at cornerback," Terry Glenn said. "We have to pass. They know it. We know it. Everybody knows it."

As always, Terrell Owens sums it up with a little less tact, but in a much more entertaining way.

"They might as well put one of you guys at cornerback," Terrell Owens joked to reporters.

That would be fun to watch, Owens lighting up Matt Mosley for a 60-yard TD, or laying a run-block on Jennifer Floyd Engel. Good times.

So with the Seattle secondary in tatters, the Seahawks have a plan for covering it up. And it has nothing to do with the new members of the secondary.

"The weakest part of their offense is probably the offensive line," [LB Julian] Peterson said. "We are going to try to put a couple of different stunts because they have been having a difficult time picking up blitzes in different line stunts, so we get the guys going to different angles and confuse the offensive line, maybe we can get some good pressure on Tony [Romo].

Peterson also believes Romo gets flustered under pressure.

"He is going to try to get to the outside edges and let his legs and his ability to run around a little bit and create some more time for his receivers," Peterson said. "If we can bottle him up and keep him inside the pocket, it will be an easier day for us."

And an easier day for the secondary.

Drew Bledsoe agreed to do a long interview with a Seattle reporter. We haven't heard much from Drew in the past six weeks, but he's doing OK. Apparently, he and Romo aren't exactly chatting it up this week.

[Bledsoe] will be the backup Saturday against the Seahawks, and Romo was asked this week if Bledsoe helped prepare him for his first playoff start. Romo paused before beginning to answer.

"Ummm," he said.

Another pause.

"We haven't talked too much about it," Romo said. "He's getting himself ready. And I've got to get myself ready, basically."

Bledsoe had this to say about Romo replacing him this season.
"When Tony came in, the team started rolling a little bit," Bledsoe said. "Yeah, it did feel like a similar situation to what happened in New England."

No offense Drew, but we're hoping it becomes the exact same situation that happened in New England.

The new DCFanatic Radio show is up. This week it's an expanded version with questions reviewing the 2006 season plus stuff on the playoff game Saturday. Check it out here.

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