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Dallas obituary too early?

Have you taken a look at the DMN and the DFW S-T today? If Parcells had time to read them, he'd send both papers to the museum, because they sure are talking about a lot of history. I guess it's somewhat natural to look back on the season, and to look back on Parcells' tenure here in Big D, but on the morning of a playoff game? I checked out the two major Seattle papers this morning, and most of their stuff is about the up-coming game. Maybe that's life with mega-sized personalities like Bill Parcells, Jerry Jones and Terrell Owens around your team. Parcells' yearly deliberations on retirement are also part of the cause. But as I read both of the Dallas papers, I got one overwhelming feeling, they're practically writing the Cowboys' obituary. Methinks the Dallas media has gone and buried this team.

But here are a few articles that are looking at tonight's game.

Tim Cowlishaw thinks Dallas will lose, but at least he's focused on the game and not its aftermath.

Calvin Watkins looks at Romo making his first post-season start.

Rick Herrin provides you with a slew of knowledge-capsules for the game.

Over at ESPN, they did a ranking of the playoff teams. We came in at #9 overall. You can also check out the rankings by position, which led to the overall ranking.

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