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Dallas snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

Seattle 21 - Dallas 20

The Dallas Cowboys gave away a playoff game. They had multiple opportunities to win this game, with the biggest coming on a FG in the last minute from point blank range. But Tony Romo fumbled the snap, was caught from behind before getting the first down or a TD, and the Dallas season was officially dead. But Dallas wasn't content to lose it once, they lost it multiple times. They had a 3rd and 1 at the Seattle 10 in the fourth quarter, and instead of calling a simple QB sneak, they tried to hand it off, and they failed. Instead of a first down inside the 10, and the chance for a huge TD, they had to kick a FG. The defense then did its job and stopped the Seahawks at the 2-yard line on an amazing goal line stand. But in a bizarre play where Terry Glenn fumbled, the ball bounced out of the endzone for a safety.

Three huge plays in the 4th quarter, and Dallas failed on all three. Now they have a long offseason to take a look at what is wrong with this team. Why can't they handle the pressure? Why did they collapse down the stretch run of the season, and why did they collapse in the 4th quarter of the playoff game?

Heart-broken and angry, that's the only way to describe it. The offseason has officially begun and I wasn't prepared for it all. Early in that 4th quarter, I really believed we would win this game. But it wasn't to be, and now we have nothing but questions and anguish. This one was a bitter pill; it might take a while to get over it.

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