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Parcells has a time-frame; open thread for playoffs

Watching ESPN last night and this morning, and the playoff games today, is the equivalent of Alex, the main character in the movie A Clockwork Orange, with his eyes pinned open, being forced to watch terrible acts of violence. Romo fumbles, Babineaux tackles, Grizz hurls. Make it stop.

This is an open thread for the playoff games today.

And before I forget, big love for Bobby Carpenter, who was a monster in that game. In the first half, he was a one-man wrecking crew. An offseason in the weight room and this kid may fulfill his promise.

Here's some other news of the day.

The time-frame for a Parcells decision is Feb. 1.

According to multiple sources, Parcells has an agreement with Jerry Jones to inform the Cowboys' owner and general manager by Feb. 1 whether he wants to keep coaching. The Feb. 9 deadline applied only if the Cowboys had made it to the Super Bowl.

I think he is an outstanding coach," Jones said. "I have enjoyed working with him. I think we gave ourselves a chance this year to meet our goals. We didn't get them met, but we gave ourselves a chance to meet our goals. From the perspective of the Cowboys and from my own decision making, I do want Bill to continue to be the coach of the Cowboys."


If he returns, there could be changes on the coaching staff. At least five assistants are in the final year of their deals, including defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, who has been paid $1 million a season for the last three years. Special teams coach Bruce DeHaven, running backs coach Anthony Lynn, offensive assistant David Lee and safeties coach Mike McIntyre also have contracts that expire shortly.

Tim Cowlishaw thinks Parcells is going to resign, and that Jerry Jones is going to make him.

Tony Romo will have to live down this legacy by winning big in the future.

Terrell Owens and his future.

Pretend you're Alex from A Clockwork Orange and watch a few scenes of the "ultra-violence" by clicking "Read More".

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