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Calvin declares for the draft

The punches keep on coming for me. Regular readers know that I'm a Georgia Tech fan - considering that's where I went to school - and I've known this day was coming all year, but it still stings.

The best player in college football, WR Calvin Johnson - yes, that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it - has declared for the draft. Believe me when I say any team that passes on Johnson is going to regret it down the line. He's simply the best WR I've seen in years. I may be bias because I'm a GT fan, but how can you argue with his size, speed, hands, jumping ability, and his outstanding work ethic. There's just no flaw in his game.

Here's Mike Irvin on Johnson:

Johnson, who had until Jan. 15 to make a decision, had been projected to be a top-three draft pick and future NFL star.

"With his size, his hands and speed, if he stays healthy in this league, he'll set some records in the NFL," former Dallas Cowboys star Michael Irvin told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Added former San Francisco 49ers great Jerry Rice: "He's tall and has the speed of Randy Moss."

The guy is the truth. It's too bad that Dallas has no shot of landing him, he would be an ideal replacement for Terrell Owens if he is not brought back.

ESPN's Page 2 takes a look at other playoff gaffes in light of Romo's recent catastrophe.

Peter King thinks the Parcells- Belichick coaching tree is the best in football.

My message this morning is that the Bill Belichick tree -- or maybe more accurately it's the Belichick branch of the Bill Parcells tree -- is yielding some great football people.

Too bad the patriarch of that tree, Parcells, is the one not having success. In reality, besides Payton, it's the Belichick influence that is really being felt around the league.

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