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Cowboys have some moving parts

Things are starting to stir a little at Valley Ranch. We have some "moving parts" as Parcells likes to say, and the biggest moving part is Parcells himself.

According to two sources, he went over tape of the Seahawks game, trying to find out what went wrong for the Cowboys, whose season began with Super Bowl hopes and ended on a three-game losing streak.

"It was business as usual," one source said.

Interesting that he was breaking down game film. Either he is a creature of habit and just couldn't help himself, or he has ideas about coming back.

But there is another opportunity out there that could tempt the Tuna.

But, citing a high-ranking NFL source, reported Parcells could be a candidate for the New York Giants' general manager spot created by Ernie Accorsi's retirement.

New England vice president of player personnel Scott Pioli, Parcells' son-in-law, turned down a chance to interview for the job on Monday.

Beyond the coach, what about the players? Pretty soon I'll be going over the roster with a fine-tooth comb and making some observations about our free agents, but there are a few that items out there today worth mentioning.

The health of Marco Rivera is in question.

Guard Marco Rivera underwent an MRI exam Monday and could be facing back surgery. If so, it would be the second back surgery in three years for Rivera and might signal the end of his career.

I don't wish ill-health on anyone, but this probably makes an easy decision even easier. Rivera was the worst of our offensive linemen, and that's saying something. He needed to be replaced anyway.

The idea of Anthony Henry being moved permanently to FS has been out there for a while, mainly from the media and the fans. Todd Archer throws it out there again.

With mega millions tied up in Williams and cornerback Anthony Henry, and Terence Newman's contract expiring in 2008, would Jones want to pour more millions into a free agent? Coach Bill Parcells said he thought Watkins can develop into a consistent player, but that is no sure thing.

The answer might already be on the roster: Henry. He played safety in college. He led the team with 23 pass deflections during the season, and although he's not a speedster, he is always around the ball.

Switching Henry would create a need at cornerback, but that could be answered in the draft.

One guy who wants to return is Martin Gramatica.
"Hopefully I'll be here," Gramatica said. "Coach [Bill] Parcells has been great. The whole organization has been great. If it was up to me, I'd love to be here."

If he wants to sign cheap, then it might be a good match, he certainly got the job done on FG's, although his kickoffs are still a little short.

JJT gives some props to Bobby Carpenter and the performance he turned in against Seattle.

Carpenter turned in his most impressive performance of the season with a couple of pass deflections, a tackle for loss and a handful of tackles. His performance would have been even better had he not dropped an apparent interception.

He showed some bursts of potential against Detroit, but he was more active and physical against Seattle than he had been at any point of the season. That's the player the Cowboys need him to be every Sunday. That's a player worthy of being a first-round pick.

With Carpenter, DeMarcus Ware and the possible return of Greg Ellis, the Cowboys will have to make a decision as to how bad they need another 3-4 LB capable of applying pressure to the QB. You always want more of those types of players, but you have to weigh the need against the need at other positions on the team.

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