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The Tuna Watch

Apparently, Bill Parcells will not be the next GM for the Giants. I noted that possibility in the previous post, and silverblue5 started a diary on it at the same time. But our good friend Skin Patrol, from Hogs Haven, posted a link that says it's not going to happen.

The Giants have rebuffed an overture from Cowboys coach Bill Parcells about returning to the organization as general manager, according to a high-ranking NFL executive familiar with the team's thinking.

Parcells had informed the Giants through an intermediary that he would be interested in returning to the organization to replace the retiring Ernie Accorsi, according to two NFL executives and a player. The sources requested anonymity because of the private nature of the search.

So Parcells contacted the Giants about the job, and they said no. I wonder if Parcells and Jerry Jones had already discussed that? If they hadn't, I wonder how Jerry feels now? More than likely, if the story is true that Parcells contacted the Giants, the two had a conversation. The job in NY would be ideal for Parcells, he gets off the sidelines but stays in the game, and he'd be going home. At his age, that's a comfort.

I don't know if this sheds any light on his decision to coach again next year. It does show he's not ready to retire from the life completely.  But being a GM and being a head coach are two different animals.

So why, according to the article, didn't the Giants want Parcells? Because they are thinking long term. They want youth that will stay a while.

But the Giants appear to be looking for a younger candidate who would stay in the job for the long term. Pioli, 41, would have fit the profile and was the leading outside candidate. Pioli, along with Patriots coach and former Parcells assistant Bill Belichick, have constructed a dynasty in New England that includes three Super Bowl wins.

Pioli is married to Parcells' daughter, Dallas.

The Tuna Watch is most definitely on.

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