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Greg Ellis sacks new contract then sacks the Rams

OK, I read the deal about Greg Ellis getting a new contract but they sure weren’t forthcoming about the details. As best as I can tell there was an insurance clause that said if Ellis played in four games and decided he couldn’t go on then he could retire and get that money. He didn’t really want to start that four game clock until he got to where he was sure he could play. But Jerry wanted him to get on the field so he re-worked Ellis’ contract to where he wouldn’t need to worry about the insurance situation. After that, Ellis was happy to go play ball. Jerry Jones comments on the new deal:

"He had some insurance issues about this injury that were compromising him, and it took us to about 2:59 to take care of those issues so he could go out there and compete without worrying about it," Jones said. "He had been wanting to get out there; our agreement let him do it."

Here’s Greg Ellis on the same subject:

"This is the most excitement I've ever gotten from playing football," Ellis said. "This one had a little more emotion because when I left the field after tearing my Achilles', I really thought that was going to be it for me and football."

If anybody else has a better take on what occurred in the contract situation let me know in the comments, because I’m not sure I totally get it yet.

Speaking of contracts, Jerry Jones discussed the Romo negotiations in this article, but Jerry was speaking in Jerry-speak, so it hurt my brain.

Patrick Crayton had the game of his life, and while he can thank Romo for throwing him the ball, he can also thank T.O. and Witten for demanding the Rams attention.

The fourth-year receiver capitalized on the constant double coverage Terrell Owens received from the St. Louis secondary by catching a career-high seven passes for 184 yards. His two touchdowns comprised the bulk of the Cowboys' 21-point burst in the third quarter which buried a winless and wounded Rams team.


"He broke that tackle and there was nobody over there because they were doubling us on the other side," tight end Jason Witten said. "Teams just can't play that way. If they are, Tony will go to him and he's not scared to do that."

And guess what, T.O. didn’t complain a bit about being a decoy.

The defense is starting to come together with Terence Newman back in action and Greg Ellis joining his teammates on the field. Scope it out, here.

This DMN article has some comments from St. Louis players.

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