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Wade Phillips press conference 10/10/07

Wade: Practiced in a walk–thru mode today, with short week we wanted to get two days for rest, we were concentrating on assignments. Tried to accomplish meetings, a walk-thru, and mentally get into it today.

Randy Moss?
They’re getting the ball to him. With the Raiders I don’t know why, but they didn’t get him the ball. He was hurt for a while. This team (the Patriots) with the QB and protection they get him the football. He beat us at Minnesota when I was at Atlanta, we played everyone back and he just outran everybody, Culpepper threw it a mile and he ran and got it. Impressive player, almost as good as any 81 I’ve ever seen. (laughter and something about a sign at Terrell’s locker). Terrell’s pretty clever.

Bill Belichick?
Known for getting in a QB’s head, playing to a QB’s strengths. He gets them prepared, takes away things the guy likes to do, uncanny about that. Record speaks for itself. Their secondary has changed some, but vets can give you a look and take it way, hard to pre-read them, they don’t allow it, they move or they set up one way and go another.

Anthony Henry?
He’s closer, he’s out of the boot, but didn’t go through the walk-thru today, so that's not good news. (Can you test him and play him on Sunday like Newman?) No, you can’t shoot it up and get him to play. It’s the ankle not the bottom of the foot. They can’t do that.

Do you play a specific corner on a specific WR and have him follow the WR on either side?
Not really. I haven’t had that many shutdown corners. Most of the time they are equal players. One might play one side well or something like that. We’ll see. Moss is so tall and big and Henry is the taller guy, so we’ll probably have to play some shorter guys on him.

How is New England different this year from what you saw at San Diego?
They run a similar offense but have a better receiving corps. In San Diego I had different players, so our strengths were different so I won’t play them the exact same. Brady had one of those games in the playoffs; he had 3 INT but still won the game. He’s still a great QB, he finds a way to win. That’s what Tony did Monday. Anytime you have a QB like that, he is the catalyst, and he’s done it with a lot of different receivers. Didn’t have a great WR corps last year and they went a long way. They’re beating everybody by three TD’s.

Keith Davis?
Says he’s going to play. He didn’t say that last week. We’ll test it tomorrow.

Terrell Owens?
We got to get him the ball more, he had them beat a few times but we didn’t get it there. We need to make him the primary read more. We know if we don’t get Owens or Witten the ball, or certain guys, then we try to do that. They’re doubling him, Witten will tell you that. Some other guys get one-on-one coverage and Crayton took advantage against the Rams. Terrell takes pride in taking 2 or 3 guys with him. People think he’s only about catching the ball.

Sammy Morris?
I know a lot about him, drafted him in Buffalo, great guy, team guy, does everything for you. I think a whole lot of him, versatile, can catch the ball, can run for 100 yards, he’s a real winner. Guys like him and Wes Welker, team guys who can do some specialty things.

Special teams issues?
The only bad kickoff coverage Monday was one play, the rest we stopped them inside the 25 yards. Same with punts the week before. We just can’t let one bad play to break out of there.

Romo and  Brady comparison?
What I know about Brady, seeing him play, he really works at his profession. I believe it, he seems to know what he’s doing, Tony is committed to that, too.

Will you try to bring pressure on Brady?
Pressure is part of our game, any great QB you have to get pressure on them. That doesn’t mean all out blitz and leave Moss one-on-one, but you have to win some one-on-one battles up front. Their line keeps people out of there, he doesn’t get hit much, much less sacked, but you have to throw him out of rhythm.

Running game?
They did a good job, did some things that bothered us. We’re emphasizing getting back to a strong running game. It’s harder to run on the road. Don’t have the audibles on the road, you’re committed to what you call. They called a run blitz a couple of times and we had a run called.

Andre Gurode?
He's played well, but this guy (Willfork) is a beast in the middle. Good contest. Football aficionados will get a kick out of it.

How well do you know Belichick?
Pretty well, but we don’t go fishing together (pause) I didn’t say go to the movies together. (laughter) I have great respect for him, he’s a great coach.

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