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Wade Phillips press conference 10/11/07

Wade: Injuries are the same. Heavy day today, went a little longer in practice, good practice.

Anthony Henry?
Doubtful, he didn’t practice today.

Oliver Hoyte?
Didn’t practice much, none with the first team.

Keith Davis?

We had pads on toady, it wasn’t live, but he went on special teams and defense, didn’t miss any reps, better than 50/50.

Will you use a corner to shadow a WR?
Not much, corners I’ve had either played the left side or right, or I didn’t have a dominant guy. We try to double guys instead of match-up.

Will the no-huddle make it hard to get Greg Ellis on the field?

Whatever personnel they put in, we’ll match. Anytime they sub, we will. If you put in certain personnel the defense has a chance to do the same.

Do you trust Jacques Reeves to play closer to the line of scrimmage now?
He plays bump-and run some, he’s done a good job. Started every game and seems to be getting better, he’ll have a test this week.

Nate Jones?
Like Reeves, forced to come in and play and has played better and better every week. There is some misconception that we are a terrible pass defense team, but we’re not. I look at things like yards per attempt, which New England is good at, and completion %, NE is also good at that, and things like that. If they throw more passes on you they will get more yards, so I look at the other things.

Isaiah Stanback dressed last week, is he showing you more in practice?
The Henry injury gave us that opportunity. But he is getter and better in practice, he’s been hard to stop him in practice.

Terence Newman playing well despite injury?
He’s played well, three outstanding 1-on-1 tackles last week, he got a 4-yard loss on a quick pass to a receiver, I’ve hardly ever seen that, and the INT was big. He ran out of gas a little bit because he hasn’t practiced full speed in a while.

Surprised Junior Seau is still playing?
No, he is a great athlete, freak of nature athlete. I Coached him in the Pro Bowl in ‘91, he was the best athlete on the field. He’s still amazing. He’s a natural player, great instincts, can run, big-time hitter. Great competitor.

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