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Cowboys vs. Patriots: Reading material

One more day until the game. Here’s some reading material to pass the time. For me, Nick Eatman is always required reading. also transcribed the Jerry Jones press conference and Jerry had some interesting things to say.

Mickey Spags says Anthony Henry is officially out for the game, and has other morsels of news.

T.O. might not be talking to reporters, but he’ll talk to Dan LeBatard on his radio show. (I guess that’s OK, I never consider LeBatard to be a journalist anyway. I kid!)

Over at the DMN, Calvin Watkins turns the Belichick vs. Romo question into a Phillips vs. Brady question. By extension it's a Brian Stewart vs. Brady question, and I like Stewart’s answer.

Pressure, which leads to sacks, which leads to hurried throws, which leads to interceptions is what the Cowboys need to do against Brady on Sunday.

The DMN also chronicles Marion Barber and Laurence Maroney, best buds in college who will face each other professionally for the first time, if Maroney plays.

And finally, the DFW S-T examines whether the ‘Boys are having trouble with slick balls. (I can’t believe I wrote that last sentence.)

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