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Cowboys moving ahead, BTB has 2 million reasons to be alive

Tomorrow I’ll have the film review up.

Also, here’s some news to pass along. On Sunday at some point, BTB went over 2 million page views. Thanks to everybody for reading. You guys rock. And while you’re here, think about clicking on an ad every once in a while and check out the ticket brokers if you’re looking for those. Every little bit helps me spend more time on the blog and less on other stuff.

Also, while I’m talking about blog stuff, could everybody relax a little? The name-calling and the expletives are getting out of hand. Don’t make me go all Bill Parcells on you guys. I will channel the Tuna and pass out some tough love! Seriously though, try to stay on the civil level.

I like the way the Cowboys are handling this loss. They’re saying the right things to me. They recognize they lost to a better team, but they haven’t lost any confidence and sound determined to be as good as the elite (re: NE, Indy) by the end of the year. They also recognize they can’t make the mistakes they did on Sunday and expect to beat good teams. We’ve been getting by beating inferior opponents, except for the Giants – boy, do they look good all of a sudden. We know now what it will take to beat a superior opponent and they just weren’t ready for that yet. But they might be later in the year. If we can get a healthy secondary and Tank Johnson can add some spark on defense, and possibly Terry Glenn shows up at some point, we could be a very good team.

Here’s Greg Ellis.

"Well, it's good to be 5-1 right now," veteran linebacker Greg Ellis said. "That's the good part of winning those games early on. It's just the sixth game of the year. You won the first five.

"Right now, this loss hurts. Obviously, there's no panic button to push right now. New England, they're further along with their football program than we are right now. And it showed (Sunday)."

Right on. Understand that those five wins mean every opportunity is still open to this team. But they need to improve.

Bradie James:

"The reality of things is that maybe we're just not where we need to be right now. Maybe we haven't arrived yet. That was a really good team. And that's where we want to be."

Again, recognize that you need to get better but have the goal in mind of where you want to be.

Tony Romo:

"We'll bounce back from this," he said. "It was a learning experience for this team. I've seen plenty of times in recent history that the team didn't win the big game in the regular season and they still come out at the end of the season. We're hoping to be one of those teams."

Rock on.

But one guy might be getting a little hyped. Our man Patrick Crayton is all juiced up.

"I told my coach yesterday, ‘If they make it to Arizona, we will see them again,’" said Crayton. "If they make it to Arizona, we will see them again. Seriously, I’m not backing down from that statement. Yesterday I told my coach that and I’m saying it now."

OK, that’s confidence talking, I guess. But P.C. wasn’t about to be p.c.

"Offensively, they are the real deal. I'm not going to lie about that," he said. "Defensively, I can tell you no, they're not. They're not (that good) at all. The only time they stopped us is when we had penalties. If that's stopping us, it is what it is.

"Defensively, they are not the real deal."

Hmm...OK, we did move the ball on them, but still, that’s a good defense over there.

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