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Cowboys random articles

Yes, I am finishing up the always highly anticipated film review. But if you can’t wait, I’ll give you the abridged version now. Terence Newman, Jacques Reeves, Nate Jones, Ken Hamlin and Roy Williams stunk. Close the book. But, if you want the full breakdown, it will come later today.

A big thanks to BTB-regulars Terry and Jordan for sharing their "at the game" experiences with us in the diaries.

Jim Reeves at the DFW S-T doesn’t think this defense will get fixed, but that we also won’t be playing the Patriots’ offense each week, either. It’s a pretty good article but the whole "Mr. Fix-It" angle is worn out and just seems petty now by the Dallas media.

Five reasons to be encouraged and five reasons to be discouraged after the New England game.

The Vikings are already thinking about Tony Romo.

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