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T.O. gets some love from Vikings coach

Let’s see what we got tonight.

It’s the return of the pod-person. I admit, I thought Mount T.O. might be beginning to rumble a little and maybe we would get a mini-eruption or something. But I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Check out this little tidbit from the extra-terrellstial on asking for the ball more from his coaches:

"I just realized that's kind of happened throughout the course of my career as far as me getting upset because I'm not getting the ball, going up to a coach and telling him to get to the ball," Owens said Wednesday before the Cowboys returned to practice leading up to Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings (2-3). "All it did was get me bad publicity.

"And at the same time, it didn't get me the ball any more."

Dude, the transformation is complete. The alien invader has made himself quite at home in the T.O. carcass and is teaching maturity to wide receivers everywhere. Witness T.O./pod-person’s anti-celebration celebration on Sunday where T.O. stood totally motionless in the endzone. It’s really a humanitarian project!

Guess who else loves him some T.O., none other than Vikings head coach Brad Childress. And that was pre-pod-person in Philadelphia.

"Terrell was a tremendous worker," Childress said. "He raised our receivers to another level at the Eagles when he was there, just by the way he came in and took the practice field, the way he worked not only on the field but off the field to make sure that he was physically prepared and mentally prepared. That was an eye opener for all of us. I found him to be a good worker and a good student in the classroom as well - and obviously a phenomenal competitor on Sundays.

"I don't think there's any question he's one of the best [wide receivers] in the NFL. All you have to do is look at his numbers year in and year out. He's a force to be reckoned with."

Injury update:

Keith Davis (shoulder), Courtney Brown (biceps) and Oliver Hoyte (neck) each had full participation Wednesday. Phillips said Hoyte worked mostly with the scout team.

Rich Eisen is busting on the Cowboys and Patrick Crayton over at his blog. Who knew he had a blog until the DMN blog pointed me to it?
Eisen takes issue with Crayton over his comments about the Patriots defense, but that didn’t really bother me. Strangely it was this little quip by Eisen in response to an email about everyone paying attention to the Cowboys/Patriots game that made me grimace.

Indeed, if you thought New England vs. Dallas was the only game on the NFL schedule, then you watched the worst blowout of Week 6

Worst blowout? OK, the final score was out of whack but anybody who watched got one thrilling back-and-forth game for three quarters and then some. I thought it was a very exciting game until the Patriots rolled in the fourth quarter.

Nick Eatman on the Vikings and the Cowboys running games.

A story from Minnesota about Adrian Peterson growing up in Texas and loving the Cowboys. You think he’ll cut us a break since he was once a fan?

Now for the really bad news. Doctors are saying Ron Springs probably won’t recover.

Apparently former Cowboys running back Ron Springs, who sped into a nation's conscience when receiving a donated kidney from former Cowboys teammate Everson Walls some seven months ago, is losing his battle for a continued life.

Doctors at Dallas Medical City Hospital have told his family members Springs has little hope of surviving after lapsing into a coma on Saturday during a procedure to remove a cyst from his elbow. A former teammate said Springs has been on a respirator ever since the surgery and that no brain activity has been detected.

I guess all we can hope for now is a miracle.

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