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Good news/bad news for Tank; Ellis ready to start?

The bad news – Tank Johnson will have to serve his full suspension. The good news – he can come back to practice, meaning by the time we play the Giants, Tank will have plenty of time to get familiar with the 3-4 and his teammates.

Tank Johnson is not exactly back, but he'll be allowed to practice with the Dallas Cowboys starting Friday.

The NFL did not reduce Johnson's eight-game suspension. However, the league cleared the defensive tackle to begin practicing. Johnson is eligible to return to game action Nov. 11 when the Cowboys play at the New York Giants.

I’m excited to see him on the field. I think he can really help us and he’ll be as fresh as the morning dew when he returns.

Hat tip to BTB-regular Burt-D for the link.

From Wade Phillips’ press conference today, it became very clear that Greg Ellis will get back his starting OLB spot, maybe as soon as this week. Basically, when asked point blank if Anthony Spencer would remain the starter, just after Wade said Ellis was healthy enough to take a normal role on defense, Phillips said he didn’t know if Spencer would start, that was TBD. He then went on to say that right now Ellis is a better player than Spencer.

I think Spencer has done a great job filling in for Ellis, but having both guys ready to go is a boon. I don’t care who starts, I just care who hits the QB.

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