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Eatman hearts MB3

Uh oh, the patron saint of quality Cowboys journalism has come out in favor of MB3. You guys know me, I’m a huge Nick Eatman fan, and he says let’s give MB3 a chance. The slow starts are bugging everyone and no one seems to know what’s wrong. In Wade’s press conference today he said it was execution and some poor run blocking that has hurt us. Romo said he had no idea.

Eatman takes care to say that the carries can remain just like they are, basically 50/50, just change up the order of the rotation. I can’t see the harm in this, and I can definitely see the help in it.

Hat tip to kingbillito who posted a diary on Eatman’s article here.

In Wade’s press conference today, he also discussed Tank Johnson, saying that they got a program to work him into the defense. Tank was in meetings today and attended practice, and they got a few weeks to ease Tank in - ease a Tank, is that possible?

Wade also praised Jay Ratliff’s work but sounded like he thought Jay was playing too many plays. He was asked about using Jay in different areas once Tank’s available and he sort of dodged, but conceded that Jay was versatile and was pushing to play at DE before he moved to NT.

You can watch the Tank interview after practice here.

A couple of shameless plugs for some good friends of mine. DCFanatic has Shango and I on his podcast every Monday and Friday at 3:00 P.M. EST. Today’s show was pretty fun, you can check it out here. Also, check out the play that DC sent to Jason Garrett to use to start the game on Sunday. Not only does he cure our slow starts by throwing a WR end-around pass, but he gets both JJ and MB3 on the field to start the game.

Also, on the Shango and Grizz Show today, hosted by my bud and video personality extraordinaire, Shango, the question at the end was how many yards would Adrian Peterson get on Sunday. I predicted 97 yards. I wasn’t going to give him 100 against our defense.

Turns out the DMN blog was asking the same question. Here are their predictions.

Albert says 93.
JJT says 102.
Calvin says 87.
USA Today guy says 77.
AP guy says 80.
Some dude from Kansas, who is sitting in the media workroom says 110.
Another dude from Texas, who is sitting in the media workroom says 70.

What's your prediction?

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