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I’m working on the film review for later toady. Here’s some stuff to keep you busy. Todd Archer tackles the overconfidence issue.

Safety Ken Hamlin: "We're definitely coming together a little bit. But at the same time, we can't rely on what happened the week before to carry on to the next week. We have to put it behind us and get ready for [Buffalo]."

Quarterback Tony Romo: "We're trying to win every week. We're not thinking about the win streak. The thing is, we're only looking ahead to going against the Bills."

Oh yeah, we’re playing the Bills this week, not the Patriots. Here’s the classic example of the trap game. On the road, on Monday night, against a team that isn’t playing good football, all the while the Patriots are just over the horizon. Don’t eat the cheese!

But if there is one "negative" issue I'd want to have with the Cowboys, it would be overconfidence, because that means you’re winning. I’ll take that everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. It got me thinking though, what is everybody’s number one issue that could cause the Cowboys to lose a game. Let’s discard the possibility of Anthony Henry not playing against the Patriots, that’s too easy.

For me, it’s the slow starts on offense. Someone is going to take advantage of that and make us play from behind. We haven’t really had to come back in any games, for the most part they’ve been played even until the Cowboys offense finally cranks up and starts rolling. So that’s my issue. What’s yours?

Frank Luksa tells you all you want to know about Romo’s Run and puts it in Cowboys historical perspective.

I wrote last week about how the Cowboys chose between Norv Turner and Wade Phillips for the head coaching job this offseason and how the Cowboys made the right choice. Here’s another look at that situation.

Dante Hall took it to the house one week after we stifled Devin Hester. What gives? I think some of it had to do with missing special teams ace Keith Davis. He could be back for the Bills game.

Safety and special teams captain Keith Davis is improving and could return for Monday's game at Buffalo. The Cowboys face another explosive punt returner in Roscoe Parrish.

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