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Mosley: Cowboys, Romo close on guaranteed money, not on structure

I’ll have the film review up tonight, life intervened and I haven’t finished it yet.

Hat tip to BTB-regular TKM31986 for his diary that included this Matt Mosley article which is a good read. Most of it was about the game and the team, but he did have this little nugget tucked away at the bottom about negotiations with Romo.

"I think it's obvious that Tony is certainly making a huge difference for our team, and we're all getting inspired by that," [Jerry] Jones said. "It goes to the entire team. But we don't have any issues about who's going to be our quarterback for a long time to come around here."

A Cowboys source said Sunday that the two sides aren't that far apart when it comes to guaranteed money and denied a published report that Romo's representatives had asked for $30 million in guarantees, saying the demands were lower than that. But the source did say the two sides weren't talking right now because "we're too far apart on structure."

Watch Sam Hurd tonight on Inside The Huddle with his special guest Patrick Crayton who spent his Sunday abusing the Rams secondary. You can watch it at Inside The Huddle, LIVE tonight from 8-9pm central time.

Check it out tonight.

The DMN blog has Greg Ellis’ Sunday broken down play-by-play.

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