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NFL alters draft timing

I consider this a case of good news and bad news. The NFL is altering the draft this year, and I like the fact that the 1st-round picks will only have 10 minutes in between them instead of 15, and the second round will have 7 minutes instead of 10.

The NFL on Tuesday cut from 15 minutes to 10 the time between picks in the first round of its draft after a 2007 record round of 6 hours and 8 minutes.

I like that; it will speed things up and won’t make the wait interminable until our next pick. It may cut down on the trade possibilities, but the teams will adjust and probably won’t really change trading. Here’s the bad news:

It also moved the starting time of the draft from noon EDT to 3 p.m. and limited the first day to two rounds instead of three.

Nooo. I can’t wait until 3 PM on draft day! It’s just not possible. Also, only the first two rounds on day one? Arrgh, that’s going to be tough to take. I guess the first picks in the third round will be the hot properties now instead of the fourth-round like has been the tradition.

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Here’s an offbeat Cowboys article all about the Cowboys bidding $275,000 for the domain, but they actually didn’t bid that.

How much is a domain name worth? Apparently not $275,000, at least not to the Dallas Cowboys football organization.

Earlier this month, the Cowboys organization decided to bid on the domain name, which was being sold through domain name register Moniker Online Services LLC. Moniker also holds auctions to sell off domain names owned by others.


The Cowboys won the auction but had something akin to sticker shock when they saw that they had bid $275,000 for the name rather than the $275 they thought they had bid, Dalrymple said.

Hmm, someone was just a little bit off with the calculations.

The Cowboys game against the Giants is now the biggest game in the NFC this year. At least according these Power Rankings.

  1. Dallas, 6-1 (6)

The Cowboys' November 11 game vs. the Giants looks like it will be the game of the season in the NFC.

Mac Engel looks ahead.

I will have the film review up by tonight.

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