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Cowboys DeMarcus Ware is the man

Hat tip to BTB-regular mlibbey for posting this diary on a Football Outsiders article on the freak, DeMarcus Ware. D-Ware is certainly attracting a lot of attention around the league, offensive coordinators who play the Cowboys always mention one guy first when discussing the Dallas defense, D-Ware.

In my film review of the defense, I wrote this about Ware.

But he made two backside pursuit tackles down the line of scrimmage, he batted down a pass in the backfield while pursuing the QB, and had three QB pressures that led to incomplete passes.

If you want full explanations of those plays, plus others I mentioned in the film review, go read the Football Outsiders article. Here’s one of the backside pursuit tackles I noted.

Ware also ran down Peterson on a first-and-10 run in the second quarter. Peterson took the handoff and tried to run off the right tackle, but Ware, lined up as the outside linebacker on the opposite side of the field, sprinted behind the line of scrimmage and put Peterson in a bear hug just as he turned the corner to tackle him for a gain of just a yard. No one blocked Ware on the play because typically an offensive coordinator figures when he draws up a running play that he doesn’t need to account for the backside outside linebacker — but he does if that backside outside linebacker is Ware.

Yup, that’s exactly what I saw, and see every week, when evaluating Ware.

Here’s some reading material. on the upcoming NFC East games.

Spags welcomes back Greg Ellis.

Todd Archer does a "State of the Cowboys" address.

Hey, I want to let you guys know something; it’s Tony Romo’s world, we just live in it.

Romo was joined by what appears to be a new ... uh ... friend, actress Sophia Bush. She has starred in the TV show One Tree Hill and the 2007 movie The Hitcher.

Want more?

As long as he keeps winning, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will never be lonely. His latest friend appears to be One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush. The night after the Cowboys beat the Vikings, the QB and the actress showed up together for dinner at N9NE Steakhouse with Tony's go-to tight end, Jason Witten, and his wife, Michelle.

Later, the table was joined by linebacker Bobby Carpenter and, yet later, Terrell Owens came into N9NE with a female friend.

Like I said, it’s Romo’s world.

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