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Cowboys Uni Watch

Promoted from the diaries by me.

BTB-regular Jordan found an article about the Cowboys uniforms throughout the years. This is perfect reading material for a bye week. If you got time to kill go click on all the links in this story. As Jordan says below, forget about the author's football analysis and hatred of Dallas, it's not worth the time. His annoyance factor ratings make the article feel like something the E channel would use to counter-program the Super Bowl broadcast. I imagined Joan Rivers making an appearance and asking Tony Romo what designer he was wearing. But the Cowboys definitely have had some quirks in their outfits...err...uniforms.

Here's Jordan's post.

I found this article on ESPN's website and found it pretty interesting.

Since I'm a young cowboys fan, I don't have extensive knowledge of uniforms worn in the past.  This turned out to be a pretty good read.  The writer, Paul Lukas, does a great job of spreading Cowboys hatred to the masses and generally hating on everything we love.  

He even uses and "annoyance factor" to rate the random parts of the uniform that he is looking at.

It's just downright unbelievable how the media hates us, and I'm always caught off guard when I here some pundit say something based on personal belief and not football.

But, like I said, I'm young.  I suppose I'll get used to it someday.

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